A healthier life starts with loving and understanding yourself

A guest post by Anuoluwapo Kalejaye, memorypages.wordpress.com. Edited by Laura Susanne Yochelson.

Understanding ourselves and why we do certain things can be confusing. We spend our time trying to understand other people, but in truth we barely know our own selves. We do not understand our being, so we struggle with loving ourselves.

There is no guide or rule on how to love or understand your self. I could simply just have made this article about steps on how to come to love and understand one’s self but I did not. This is because loving and understanding one’s self is personal journey that is experienced differently by individuals.

A healthier life begins with understanding and loving yourself. When you love and understand yourself you make healthier and wiser decisions. I cannot tell you how to understand yourself, but I can share some of the things that have helped me.

1. Construct your own positive social reality

Create our own reality. Let this reality love who you are and speak to your interests. Do not let your reality be constructed by what social media, other people, or magazines tell you to do.

2. Create a positive medium to express negative feelings

Anytime you feel down, do something positive that helps you express yourself, grow and reflect. Examples of outlets include walking, reading or taking a stroll. Explore with different mediums; find what works for you. Do not be afraid to try different activities out.

3. Remember everyone has his or her own “sickness”

Everyone has that bit of sickness they are battling with; self inflicted or not. Regardless of how “sick” things may seem, you are not the only one.

4. On beauty

I read a bit about anorexia nervosa before I wrote this article, and I found out that mostly women suffer from this illness, which is understandable. As women we are made to believe that we are supposed to meet a certain standard, level of appeal, and beauty. Beauty has been tainted by society, which defines beauty by looks, weight, clothes, skin color, and hair when really beauty is none of these things. I know we hear all of the time that “beauty is from within,” but the truth is the only people life really remembers, the only thing that leaves a lasting image in people’s minds, is the beauty you reflect from within through deeds and actions.

Your healthier life begins from inside of you. Love yourself always.